BOP & Construction Services

BOP and Construction United Conveyor

The Value of BOP & Construction Management

UCC Environmental partners with customers to provide balance of plant (BOP) services that will integrate UCC Environmental equipment and systems. Our experience and knowledge of plant requirements and system operations allow us to efficiently manage engineering. Our local representatives understand specific plant requirements, making UCC Environmental the best resource to manage BOP equipment procurement to integrate into our system designs.

BOP Construction Benefits

  • Ensure Compliance and Safety
  • Single-Point Accountability
  • Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Means
  • Integrated Project Controls
  • Expert System Knowledge
  • Certified Project Management Staff

BOP Capabilities

Construction Management

UCC offers services that provide continuity and complete control over all construction phases. This single-point of contact simplifies the project execution process, resulting in cost savings. UCC has skilled construction and project management teams who oversee construction from budgeting and scheduling to sub-contractor coordination and timely reporting.

  • Construction Management
  • Multi-Discipline Engineering Integration Across All Scopes
  • Optimized Integration at Interface Points
  • On-Site Supervision
  • Project Controls & Reporting
  • Efficient Transition from Installation to Start-up and Commissioning

BOP Services

UCC partners with customers to provide BOP services that will integrate the UCC equipment and systems. Our experience and knowledge of plant requirements and system operations allow us to efficiently manage engineering.  Our local representatives understand specific plant requirements, making UCC the best resource to manage BOP equipment procurement to integrate into our system designs.

Engineering Services

  • Turnkey Design for UCC and Non-UCC Equipment
  • Civil/Structural Engineering – Foundation Design, Pipe Racks, Survey/3D Laser Scan, Geotechnical Study, Excavation/Soil Testing, Analysis of Existing Structures
  • Mechanical Engineering – Compressed Air Design, Service/Potable Water Design, Pipe Supports, HVAC Equipment, Heat Tracing and Insulation
  • Controls & Electrical Engineering – DCS Integration, Electrical Load Study, Power Distribution, Cable Tray/Conduit Layout, Cable Schedule, Grounding, Lightning Protection, Lighting

BOP Equipment Supply

  • Electrical Power Distribution Equipment
  • Structural Steel & Pipe Racks
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Buildings and Enclosures
  • DCS Additions/Modifications
  • Lightning Protection & Grounding

“Any time I have an issue or problem, I can pick up the phone and call UCC. They always answer and are willing to help even if its outside of their scope.”
– Maintenance Supervisor, Northeastern Utility

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