Gates & Valves

Conveying System Feed Valves UCC

Conveying System Feed Valves

UCC offers a variety of Conveying System Feed Valves.

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Line Iso & Crossover Valves

Isolation & Crossover Valves

UCC offers a variety of Isolation and Crossover Valves, including: 130DB, 150W Knife Gate, 300W Knife Gate, 40D Knife Gate, 40DH Heated Knife Gate, Hopper Isolation, Sheardisk Valve and Swing Disc (in-Line).

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Low Leak Sluice Gates Manufacturer

Low Leak Sluice Gates

UCC offers a low leak sluice gate for wet and abrasive application, such as Bottom Ash Hopper and Dewatering Bin isolation

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Sheardisk Pressure Equalizing Valve

Pressure Equalizing Valves

Sheardisk and Swing Disk valves are offered for venting and conveying lines on high pressure pneumatic conveying applications.

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