Paddle Mixers

Paddle Mixers UCC


UCC utility-sized unloader line, conditions ash or other dusty, abrasive material with water, and discharge up to 400 TPH of moist, conditioned material to trucks or rails cars. Paddle mixers has an array of abrasion-resistant paddles on twin, contra-rotating shafts mixes water with the ash, and moves the conditioned material to the mixer/unloader discharge chute where it drops by gravity into a disposal vehicle.

Features & Benefits of Paddle Mixer

  • Low maintenance drive train achieves a ton-per-hour and volumetric capacity as high as competitive models equipped with more expensive 70-plus horsepower motors.
  • Uniform power distribution while maintain a smooth, constant output speed.
  • Even power distributed between paddles minimizing stress and deflection.
  • Slow rotating shafts minimizing paddle wear.
  • Incoming ah is moistened while still airborne, allowing for complete and uniform wetting ensuring properly conditioned ash and preventing air pollution during unloading and transport.
  • 20% less water consumption compared to other manufactures resulting in cost savings
  • Adjustable volumetric capacity providing multiple sweep diameters and volumetric capacity ranges
  • Self-adjusting, packing-type shaft seals eliminate the need to tighten packing glands manually
  • Packing gland mounted on flexible diaphragm resulting in a dust-tight seal and longer packing life
  • Easy access for inspection, repair or replacement of mixing paddles, spray nozzles and shaft seals

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