Fly Ash Diffuser Feeder


Fly Ash Diffuser Feeders (FAD’s) are a swing-style valve designed to provide positive shutoff and consistent ash flow in both vacuum and pressure conveying applications. The diffuser stone on the inlet side of the valve maintains ash stored above the valve in a fluidized state for consistent, high flow discharge when the valve is opened. This quality of discharge allows for ideal feeding of ash into the pneumatic conveying system to maximize the system capacity and reliability.


  Our FADs utilize UCC’s proven self-adjusting, spring-mounted ball pivot swing disc to provide reliable sealing

  Optional Durite or Tungsten Carbide seat and disc offer improved wear life over traditional seat and disc materials

  The spring loaded packing design maintains uniform pressure on the packing to prevent leakage and extend life of shaft and packing.



  Inlet size: 8” or 12” beveled flange

  Outlet size: 6” bevel flange

  Pressure: 50psig

  Temperature: 500° F

  Available accessories

    • Solenoid
    • Limit switches
    • Ceramic lining
    • Poke hole
    • Adjustable orifice
    • Guard kit
    • Lockout kit
    • Pre-piped and wired junction box

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