Field Service Engineering

Field Service Engineering United Conveyor

The Value of Field Engineering Services

UCC Environmental is committed to providing the highest level of Field Service, Operations, and Maintenance services for material handling, air pollution control, and wastewater treatment in power generation and other heavy industrial industries. UCC Environmental understands the many challenges that Customers face: reduced budgets, extended outage schedules, and aging infrastructures. Decreased staffing has resulted in a large void of knowledge and experience at many plants. Our comprehensive understanding of plant requirements and system operations allows for cost-effective and reliable solutions to optimize performance and system efficiency.

UCC Environmental is uniquely qualified to offer a robust suite of services from installation, commissioning, and start-up through preventative maintenance and parts inventory management. Our team is ready to provide the high-level, local support, and seamless project execution that has come to be expected from UCC Environmental. Our intimate knowledge of material handling, emissions control systems, and wastewater treatment systems can minimize downtime and reduce equipment failures, ensuring our Customers’ assets are protected.


• Start-up and Commissioning

• Operations and Maintenance Procedure Development

• Equipment-Specific Operations and Preventative Maintenance Plans

• Post-Commissioning Support

• Equipment and Systems Operations and Maintenance Services

• Information Management, including Compliance Testing and Reporting

• Preventative Maintenance Inspections and Recommended Actions

• Inventory Management

• System Performance Reports, including Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Areas of Application

• Utility Plants

• Steam Plants

• Heavy Industrial Facilities

How can we help?

Our team of experts are happy to help answer any questions you have about UCC’s service solutions.

“They provide us with great support after the sale.  We don’t have many vendors that do that.”
– Eastern Utility