Temporary Treatment Solutions

Mobile & Temporary Treatment Solutions


Owners and Operators of Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure sometimes manage through challenges that are unplanned and unavoidable. UCC Environmental understands the budget, time and resource constraints surrounding the continued operation of core processes and treatment infrastructure during unplanned events. UCC provides temporary treatment solutions, mobile equipment, process integration design, installation services, and operational support to ensure a low impact solution to unplanned events.

UCC has Assisted Customers During:

• Maintenance Activities

• Weather Based Interruptions

• Equipment Failures

• Process Influent Change

• Discharge Consent Change

• Pilot Projects – Proof of Concept

• Capital Investment Alternatives and Delays

Temporary Treatment Processes:

• Monitoring and Sampling Programs

• Chemical Treatment

• Clarification

• Mechanical Separation

• Biological Treatment

• Tertiary Treatment

• Sludge Treatment


UCC Environmental provides your team access to temporary treatment equipment, a network of equipment manufacturers and UCC’s in-house WWT engineering services.

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