Chemical Injection Skid Rentals

UCC Environmental’s skid-mounted, wastewater treatment chemical injection systems are available for Customers who require short- or long-term equipment to validate the plant’s compliance strategy and to optimize the reduction of suspended solids, removal of targeted heavy metals, and pH control for utility and industrial wastewater treatment.
UCC Environmental is considered a leading provider of chemical injection solutions for wastewater treatment applications in utility and industrial facilities.
Chemical injection rental units can be rapidly mobilized to be onsite and operating at short notice and augmented with other mobile bolt-on system treatment options. With flexible rental options, broad injection rate capacities, operations support, and UCC’s ACCU brand of proprietary WWT chemicals, an offering can be customized for the exact need. UCC Environmental is your partner in reducing system downtime, reducing maintenance and operational costs, and providing short- or long-term solutions customized to meet the specific application requirements.


  • Design and Engineering
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Chemical Dosing and Metering Support
  • Pilot Testing and Demonstrations
  • Outage Wash Wastewater Treatment
  • Low Volume Wastewater Treatment
  • CCR Impoundment Closure Wastewater Treatment
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization Wastewater Treatment
  • Temporary/Mobile Solutions
  • UCC Proprietary Chemicals

Areas of Application

  • Utility Plants
  • Steam Plants
  • Heavy Industrial Facilities

“UCC is very easy to work with.  They get us what we want when we need it.”
– Power Generation Supervisor, Western Utility