Fluidized Bed Ash

Fluidized Bed Ash System


UCC Environmental has unparalleled experience and the highest number of reference installations for fluidized bed ash conveying systems. Our comprehensive understanding of fluidized bed ash, high bulk density material, and the complications that may arise in conveying this material, allow us to determine the most effective conveying system for our customer. Mechanical, pneumatic and combination systems are available to ensure optimal performance specific to individual plant needs and customer preference.

Performance Specs

Mechanical System (DFC™)

A mechanical system is often the best choice for fluidized bed ash where headroom is restricted under the boiler. This system offers continuous removal, requiring no water and much less horsepower over hydraulic or pneumatic system of comparable capacity. The UCC Environmental DFC (Dry Flight Conveyor) is designed for continuous ash removal through a completely closed trough. Ash from the hoppers drops through the return flights and onto the bottom of the conveyor. The lower flight bars pull the ash along the conveyor trough to the discharge chute. The chute can lead to a storage location and/or pneumatic system for conveying to final disposal point.

Pneumatic Systems

• A NUVEYOR® vacuum system is often the best choice for secondary conveying of fluidized bed ash for smaller boiler units in industrial environments such as universities or municipalities. The vacuum system is the simplest secondary system to install and a cost-effective solution ensuring proper ash suspension through conveying lines to the silo.

• A NUVA FEEDER® dilute phase pressure system is the preferred method of transport where higher conveying capacities and longer conveying distances are required.