VAX Vibratory Ash Extractor

Bottom Ash Vibratory


The VAX Vibratory Ash Extractor is the latest innovation in UCC Environmental’s system portfolio. Increased awareness of environmental issues has accelerated the trend for new technology that reduces the water consumption and increases plant efficiency. The VAX system is the latest evolution in dry bottom ash technology which delivers superior heat recovery, lower installed cost, higher reliability and less maintenance compared with conventional moving belt designs.

The VAX dry bottom ash system incorporates patented fluidized bed vibratory technology to produce maximum combustion and cooling. The VAX design is simple, yet effective. Unlike alternative mechanical bottom ash systems, there are no moving belts or hinged joints exposed to the boiler that can become damaged from large slag falls or soot blower lances. The result is system reliability and reduced risk of an unplanned outage.

The VAX Advantage:

• Zero Water Usage

• Greater Boiler and Plant Efficiency

• Dependable Performance

Performance Specs

• Dependable Performance – Design is simple yet durable to withstand large clinkers

• Increased Heat Recovery and Boiler Efficiency – Fluidized ash increases combustion and heat recovery to the boiler compared to a moving belt design. Up to 90% of all heat contained in the bottom ash is recovered and delivered to the boiler

• Fully Automated Controls – Controls are integrated with the DCS to optimize conveying and combustion air flow capacities (ie. faster during soot blowing). The result is controlled accumulated of ash on the conveyor deck, maximizing heat recovery and efficient ash transfer to downstream equipment

• Reduced Risk of Sudden Failure – Heavy-duty, semi-circular deck is designed to absorb disruptive impacts caused by large slag falls

• Extended Service Life and Safety – All moving parts are located outside of the boiler flue gas environment for long life operation

• Reliable Dry Seal – A multi-layered composite made of high temperature, flexible sealing and insulation fabrics accommodate thermal boiler expansion

• Low Energy Consumption – Operates with a low horsepower drive and positive pressure cooling fan

• Low Maintenance – Designed around springs and an eccentric drive with no moving parts exposed to corrosive boiler environment. Regular maintenance can be performed with the boiler on-line

• System Options – Include hydraulic isolation doors between the transition hopper and boiler throat and roll-out wheels to provide easy access to the boiler during outages

• No water troughs, piping or seal plates