CDR Continuous Dewatering & Recirculation System

Continuous Dewatering and Recirculation Systems


The Continuous Dewatering and Recirculation (CDR™) System is one of the latest innovations from UCC.  It is designed to meet both customer requirements and environmental demands. This proven technology eliminates the ash pond, requires minimal outage time and significantly reduces wastewater from the plant’s water balance.

Performance Specs

  • Closed-Loop Recirculation System
    • Eliminates bottom ash sluice water as a wastewater stream
    • Accepts ash sluice lines from multiple units
    • Reduces water consumption through recirculation
    • Zero liquid discharge
  • No Changes Required Beneath the Boiler
    • Existing equipment remains in service
  • No Outage Time Required
    • Piping and control system tie-ins can be completed while online
  • Continuous Dewatering and Discharge of Ash
    • Eliminates dewatering bins and storage ponds
    • Dewaters ash to moisture levels suitable for landfill disposal or beneficial use
  • Proven and Reliable Technology
    • Extensive SFC reference installations around the globe
    • Simple, robust design assures dependable operation
    • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) System
  • Constructed for Durability
    • New equipment has been robustly engineered for challenging utility operations
    • Proven component design for reduced maintenance