Silo Services

Silo Services United Conveyor

Silo Services

UCC works hand-in-hand with the most reputable silo service partners to provide full-service silo solutions to customers throughout the life of their storage and unloading system.

These services include:

• Inspection

• Cleaning

• Maintenance


Proactive inspection of silo structures and fluidized ash unloading systems are essential to ensure safe and efficient operations. Silo services include:
• Comprehensive Assessment of Silo Condition
• Identification of Potential Problem Areas and Recommended Remediation
• Improved Production Schedules
• Reduced Unforeseen Downtime



Powerful cleaning equipment is the most effective way to quickly and efficiently remove material build-up. Enhanced compressed-air systems and proprietary cleaning heads are used to remove twice as much material build-up compared to conventional cleaning methods.
• Greater Build-Up Removed In Less Time
• Minimized Downtime
• Safe, Reliable Results



With a comprehensive understanding of how daily operations impact structural integrity and how engineering aspects affect stored material flow, we apply our specialized expertise in bottom ash and fly ash to ensure safe and dependable silo operation.
• Routine Maintenance Is More Economical Than Major Repairs
• Periodic Cleaning of a Silo Can Prevent Emergency Situations and Minimize Downtime
• Silo Safety and Dependable Operation Are Improved While Unplanned Downtime Is Minimized

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