Material & Fly Ash Handling

UCC Pressure Systems

Pressure Conveying Ash Handling Systems

Positive pressure ash conveying systems are capable of handling and moving larger quantities of ash over a longer distance than negative pressure vacuum systems. UCC offers both dilute phase and dense phase conveying technologies capable of capacities of 200 tph over distances exceeding 8,000 ft (2,400 M) in a single conveyor.

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UCC Fly Ash Vacuum Systems

Vacuum Material Transfer Systems

UCC has nearly a century of experience and expertise in the design, engineering and installation of pneumatic fly ash handling systems. The NUVEYOR® Dry Vacuum transfer System is the industry standard for efficient and reliable ash removal and handling. Capacities up to 100 tph and distances up to 1,500 ft (500 M) are possible with vacuum conveying technology.

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UCC Vacuum Pressure Transfer Systems

Vacuum-Pressure Transfer Systems

A “combination” vacuum/pressure fly ash handling system combines the simplicity and lower headroom of a vacuum system under the hoppers with the high capacity and long distance conveying capability of a positive pressure system.

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