Pipe Support Engineering

pipe support engineering

UCC prepares pipe support designs for both conveyor and non-conveyor systems.

Conveyor Piping Systems:

Conveyor piping system designs typically use either cast or lined piping for abrasion resistance and are designed using empirical design data developed by more than a century of experience. The success of the conveyor piping system’s performance and reliability necessitates that the pipe support system has the appropriate support types that are strategically located to maintain the integrity of the conveyor piping system throughout its operating range and life. As material handling system capacities increase and/or material temperatures rise, the pipe support system design plays an increasingly important role in the overall integrity and operation of the system.

Non-Conveyor Piping Systems:

Non-conveyor piping systems, such as those for compressed air, transport air, and service water, use more conventional materials of construction and have their pipe support designs prepared after a holistic analysis of the system is completed. The results of this analysis are used to locate the supports and anchors and to determine the associated pipe loads used for designing the pipe supports.


Conveyor and service pipe support engineering is executed using intelligent three-dimensional (3D) design software. Complete design work can be performed in a 3D plant model to ensure the highest design accuracy and to mitigate potential equipment interferences. It also provides real-time interaction for engineering reviews in person or via the internet. Conventional file formats enable the exchange of data files as required by contract or customer preference.



• Customized load calculation tools for conveyor piping system designs
• Stress analysis of non-conveyor piping systems
• Variable pipe support design options from only type and location to full scope, including auxiliary and rack steel
• 3D modeling of support designs with software-generated 2-dimensional drawings and bills of materials


Areas of Application

• Utility Plants
• Steam Plants
Heavy Industrial Facilities
• Chemical Plants
• Steel Mills
• Paper Mills

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