Technical Services



UCC Environmental is committed to providing our customers with all technical services needed for water and wastewater treatment. UCC has expertise at every stage of a water and wastewater treatment project, whether it is the early environmental impact assessment, the design process of a new treatment system, or the optimizing process of an existing system.

Technical Offerings:

• Engineering Studies

• Water and Wastewater Sampling, Analysis, and Reporting

• Pilot Testing

• Monitoring and Correction of Corrosion or Scaling

• Temporary Solutions

    • – Outage Wastewater Treatment
    • – Rentals of Mobile Treatment System
    • – Chemical Injection Skids

• Analytical Capability by UCC In-House Lab

  • – Wastewater & Solids Characteristics
  • – Treatability Testing
  • – Jar Testing
  • – Sludge Dewatering Testing
  • – Scanning Electron Microscope Imaging
  • – Particle Size Distribution Analysis
  • – Technology & Test Lab

Industries of Application:

• Utility Power

• Refining/Petrochemical

• Mining

• Oil and Gas

• Natural Gas

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