Air Pollution Control Rental Units


UCC Environmental has the most hands-on, practical experience in multi-pollutant control using Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) and provides clear differentiation from competitors. With a significant reference list, UCC test and mobile DSI/ACI system experience includes a strong technical understanding of SO2, SO3, HCI, HF, and Hg removal, and any multi-pollutant combination. This is an essential consideration when evaluating air pollution control solutions in mission-critical, regulated industries, such as power generation, steel, cement, chemicals, mining, oil & gas, and other heavy industries.  Our fleet of mobile DSI equipment incorporates the latest injection and UCC patented sorbent milling technology, and is fully automated to generate reliable, high-quality data. This unique capability provides the answers our customers need to make critical compliance decisions, as well as for temporary APC needs.  Our rental fleet of mobile DSI equipment is available for demonstration trials, temporary use, short- or long-term use, or even for low-cost permanent use on a rent-to-own basis.  Our DSI/ACI modular system designs, such as the ecopod™ or M-PACT™ can also be provided on a rental basis.



• Prototype Design and Development
• Product Performance Testing and Evaluation
• Material Performance Testing and Analysis
• Failure Analysis
• Metallurgical Analysis
• Pressure Flow and Cycle Testing
• Physical Conveying Analysis and Evaluation
• Chemical Testing Analysis
• Bulk Material Property Testing and Flow Analysis

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