Groundwater Remediation

Dewatering Bin capabilities


UCC Environmental is committed to solve your groundwater challenge in an economical, compliant and safe way. Our expertise in groundwater chemistry and flow characteristics, treatment process design, system integration, and operational excellence will ensure your treatment expectations and effluent requirements are met without compromise.

Our team is ready to partner with you to provide a site-specific solution for your groundwater remediation needs. Whether you are in the early environmental impact assessment phase or in the process to optimize the treatment performance of your existing system or designing the best fit technologies for your new groundwater project, we can provide a holistic of engineering services including groundwater characteristics study, treatability testing, process design, technology selection and installation, commissioning and startup, operations and maintenance.

The Value of Working with the UCC Wastewater Treatment Team

• Customized Solution to Your Application

• Guaranteed Remediation Performance

• Optimized Total Cost of Ownership

• Proven Groundwater Remediation Technologies

• Streamlined System Integration

• Turnkey Project Delivery Options

• Operations and Maintenance Services Available

UCC Environmental Advantage

Wastewater management is unique to each site.  With over 100 years of CCR expertise, UCC understands the multiple factors influencing flow rate, CCR composition, and particle size distribution, as well as pH and heavy metal contaminants.  With any process solution, Wastewater Treatment requirements will continually vary with process input changes, requiring a predictable and agile solution. With a comprehensive understanding of upstream processes, contaminant behaviors, wastewater chemistry, and treatment technologies – UCC provides flexible technical solutions to meet these changing demands. Our team is ready to provide a customized solution for your wastewater treatment needs, from process design, technology selection, balance of plant integration, installation, to operation and maintenance. Our WWT team will assess current conditions to identify the contaminant profile, define a scope and sampling plan, analyze for constituents and develop a customized treatment solution specific to your plant needs.

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