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UCC Environmental Silo Unloading systems are designed to unload ash efficiently and cost effectively. Dry ash unloading is typical when the fly ash is sold and recycled.

Vented dry unloading spouts under or adjacent to the storage or transfer silo control dust emissions into covered trucks or barges.

Fly ash silos process includes twin shaft mixers thoroughly blend water with ash to provide maximum dust control with the proper volume of water for optimum compaction at the landfill.

High-intensity Pin/Paddle Mixers are used with high calcium ashes or hard-to-hydrate high carbon ashes to use the least amount of water to create dust control into open top transport vehicles.

Paddle Mixers are normally used for processing bottom ash, fly ash with low calcium content or when blending fly ash with wet scrubber cake and a reagent to create a stabilized material for landfilling.

Both Paddle Mixers and Pin/Paddle Mixers are available with carbon steel, stainless steel or corrosion resistant alloys (CR-series mixers).

Abrasion resistant liners and various materials for the paddles are available options to meet your exact needs.

Silo Unloading Benefits

• UCC ash feed intake valves are designed in-house for long-life, dependable service and easy maintenance

• Precisely controlled ash feed rate into the mixer/unloader is specific to each plant and based on material testing of physical and chemical characteristics

• Precise water spray (location and volume) prevents dusty or muddy ash providing complete and uniform wetting

• Corrosion resistant mixing chamber ensures long wear life

• Dust capture and venting features are used on dry unloading systems to minimize particulate emissionsMixer/Unloader dome top provides for easy inspection and access

• Adjustable volumetric capacity; multiple paddle positions for better correlation of capacity, mixing performance and start-up torque

• Long lasting, self-adjusting packing-type shaft seals eliminating the need to tighten packing glands manually​

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