Operations & Maintenance Services

Operational and Maintenance Services United Conveyor

The Value of Operations & Maintenance Services

UCC is committed to providing the highest level of Operations and Maintenance services for material handling, air pollution control and wastewater technologies. We understand the many challenges that plants face: reduced budgets, extended outage schedules and aging infrastructures. Decreased staffing has resulted in a large void of knowledge and experience at many plants.

UCC is uniquely qualified to offer a robust suite of O&M services that will identify potential problems before they occur and adversely impact your plant. Our intimate knowledge of material handling and emissions control systems allows for proactive measures to be taken if needed. This can minimize downtime and reduce equipment failures, ensuring our Customers’ assets are protected.


Post-Commissioning O&M Support

Beyond typical start-up and commissioning, an onsite System Specialist can be available to assist plant staff with plant-specific operating and maintenance procedures development. They inspect each system to identify and troubleshoot potential problem areas, recommend preventive or corrective maintenance and identify critical items to monitor. Our UCC System Specialists will train plant personnel on best practices to ensure optimal equipment operation for extended service life. UCC’s internal team can also provide technical support to aid in writing equipment-specific operations and maintenance plans.


Equipment Operations & Maintenance Support

UCC acts as a single-point-of-contact for functional operation and maintenance of equipment. This includes  preventive maintenance inspections to ensure optimal system performance and increased reliability. Spare parts levels will be monitored to ensure that appropriate inventory is in-stock and/or available when needed. UCC will also manage any necessary repairs or replacement of parts/equipment during planned outages or unforeseen downtime.


Information Management / Support Services

UCC offers a complete system status overview with detailed performance reports to identify and prevent potential issues. Our System Specialists regularly inspect the system(s) to identify any areas of concern and provide recommended corrective actions. Optional remote data collection and data analysis is available for predictive and preventive equipment management.

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