Product Rebuild Program

What Is The Product Rebuild Program?

Effective alternatives to new parts. Our product rebuild program delivers maximum value without compromising performance or reliability.  All UCC Environmental product rebuilds are built to original equipment specifications, incorporating the latest engineering improvements. Each part is broken down and thoroughly inspected. The results are captured in a detailed analysis, and a quote is provided to the Customer, which includes lead times and upgrade options. The part is then rebuilt and tested to ensure the expected quality and performance levels are met.

UCC Environmental also offers non-OEM replacement parts for a variety of material handling and Dry Sorbent Injection equipment. Our engineering team designs non-OEM rebuild products with many optional upgrades for improved performance and longer service life.


• Mixer/Unloaders

• Bottom Ash Crushers/Clinker Grinders

• Coal Crusher Screens

• Coal Crusher Rotors

• Mechanical Conveyor Idlers & Components

• Dry Sorbent Injection System Components

VIPER® Mill Rotors and Bearings

Areas of Application

• Utility Plants

• Steam Plants

• Heavy Industrial Facilities

• Pulp and Paper Mills

• Steel Mills

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