3D Measurement Technology


3D Measurement Technology

Companies are continuously evaluating state-of-the-art technologies to minimize downtime and mitigate risk. Over the past several decades, three-dimensional (3D) measurement technology has provided highly detailed and accurate 3D documentation of an environment in a cost-effective manner. The captured 3D environment is valuable in successfully managing a project involving concurrent participation by multiple project teams, as it shortens design times and streamlines engineering and maintenance processes.

The laser scanner captures everything in the environment within view of the device. This includes steel structures, columns, lintels, lighting, wires, conduit, cable trays, ventilation, piping, and equipment to provide a comprehensive 3D point cloud. The high-resolution 3D point cloud provides highly detailed documentation of the installation’s complex environments and geometries.

• Scan results provide an as-built environment enabling an augmented reality review within the plant site’s existing conditions

• Easily captures most inaccessible areas and provides accurate information without the use of ladders or scaffolding

• Serves to streamline collaboration across internal and external design teams

• Provides easy clash detection using an augmented reality design process

• Precision scanning eliminates the need for manual field measurements

• Enables the evaluation of multiple solutions without multiple site visits

• Supports walk/fly-throughs for design and constructibility reviews


• Captures 100% Reality
• Streamlined Design Process
• Design Time & Cost Reduction

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