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With a legacy spanning over a century, UCC Environmental (UCC) has led the way in providing state-of-the-art solutions for solids handling, wastewater treatment, and air pollution control in power generation, mining, and industrial sectors. Our in-depth expertise and comprehensive product portfolio ensure cost-effective, reliable solutions that reflect the superior systems that UCC is known for worldwide.

Addressing challenges like aging assets, regulatory compliance, and operational costs is crucial for optimizing system performance. We understand the complexities around operator safety, capacity, wear, reliability, and regulatory requirements. Leveraging our experience, we’ve helped numerous plants proactively upgrade their ash handling, water treatment, and air pollution control systems.

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The UCC Advantage

The UCC System Improvement Services (SIS) team works closely with customers to evaluate system performance, identify underperforming, aging, or obsolete assets, conceptualize designs, and supply systems that meet their plant’s unique needs.

From the initial system assessment to the final start-up, our dedicated team is ready to provide high-level service, unwavering support, and seamless project execution. Our aim is to enhance your system’s reliability, efficiency, and service life.


System Evaluations

A comprehensive assessment of existing systems and equipment will be done to pinpoint areas of concern. Following a thorough system analysis, we offer tailored recommendations along with a range of viable options to address potential issues.

System Upgrades

With a commitment to operational excellence and longevity, we enhance your existing installation to elevate safety, operational efficiency, and reliability. Modernizing outdated equipment mitigates system disruptions and performance and wear issues, resulting in minimized maintenance expenses and reduced downtime risks.

System Modifications for Regulatory Compliance

We excel in evaluating and modifying systems, tailoring them to meet regulatory standards while seamlessly adapting to fuel changes, implementing emissions control measures, and optimizing ash properties for landfill or resale.

Solutions Beyond our Scope

UCC’s expertise extends beyond our solutions; we specialize in addressing challenges stemming from other vendors failing or unsupported equipment. Leveraging our deep industry knowledge and comprehensive technical expertise, we excel in troubleshooting and resolving operational issues. We tackle challenges beyond our traditional scope by harnessing our robust research and development expertise. Even when faced with unfamiliar tasks, we use our extensive knowledge base and innovative mindset to devise inventive solutions. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility ensures unparalleled results, instilling trust in Customers who rely on us to solve complex and site-specific issues.

Balance of Plant (BOP) Services

UCC collaborates closely with customers to deliver BOP and Construction services, seamlessly integrating equipment and systems. Our extensive experience and deep understanding of plant requirements and system operations enable us to efficiently manage engineering and construction processes. Our local representatives understand site-specific requirements, making UCC the best resource for managing BOP equipment procurement and integrating it into our system designs.

Construction Management

UCC offers services that ensure continuity and comprehensive control throughout all construction phases. This single point of contact simplifies project execution, leading to cost savings and streamlined communication for the Buyer. With skilled construction and project management teams at the helm, we manage everything from budgeting and scheduling to subcontractor coordination and timely reporting, ensuring smooth and efficient construction processes.

Material Handling

The following systems represent typical candidates for retrofit, offering opportunities to upgrade and optimize your existing infrastructure.

Fly Ash, Economizer and Air Preheater Ash, and SCR Ash Systems

Aging Fly Ash systems often face poor conveying performance (capacity limitations, plugging, etc.) and high maintenance costs on prime movers, piping/valve components, and separators. UCC has over 100 years of fly ash conveying experience, including dilute and dense phase pneumatic systems, wet-to-dry conversions, system modifications/retrofits, and engineering studies. We offer application-specific design and equipment tailored to provide high-performance and dependable fly ash conveying.

Bottom Ash, Slag Ash, and Bed Ash

Common issues with underperforming bottom ash systems may include unreliable sluicing and/or inadequate dewatering, corrosion and wear problems, chemistry challenges, housekeeping issues, and high maintenance costs associated with submerged chain conveyors, bottom ash hoppers,
recirculation systems, and dewatering equipment. As a global leader in bottom ash conveying systems, we have an extensive reference list of sluicing systems, dry pneumatic systems, and drag chain submerged flight conveyor systems. Our focus remains on designing robust engineered solutions to ensure bottom ash system reliability and compliance requirements.

Other Systems (pyrites and other material handling systems, silo unloading, etc.)

In non-ash material handling and silo unloading systems, problems including plugging, excessive wear, and dust emissions can be addressed using UCC’s application-specific components and engineering expertise. We have an extensive reference list of non-ash material conveying systems and retrofits, encompassing pyrites (mill rejects), coal, lime, and more. Our silo unloading
equipment sets industry standards, offering efficient dry and conditioned unloading of ash and other materials for beneficial reuse or landfilling.

Wastewater Treatment

Retrofitting wastewater treatment systems involves upgrading existing infrastructure with advanced technologies and equipment to improve efficiency, enhance performance, and meet current regulatory standards. This process includes:

System Assessment

UCC will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your existing treatment
system to identify areas for improvement, such as outdated equipment, capacity
issues, or process inefficiencies.

System Design

For a seamless WWT retrofit implementation, contaminants, treatment goals, space constraints, and budgetary factors must be considered. UCC will create a solution outlining necessary upgrades or adjustments to address identified deficiencies, taking into account operational factors such as energy consumption, chemical usage, and labor requirements.

Equipment Upgrades

Outdated or inefficient equipment may include installing new chemical dosing
systems, pump skids, sedimentation tanks or clarifiers, or incorporating advanced filtration technologies.

Process Optimization

To maximize treatment effectiveness, UCC will implement process optimization
measures. This could mean adjusting chemical dosing rates, optimizing mixing
and flocculation processes, or fine-tuning sedimentation and filtration parameters.

Space Constraints

Understanding the available space for retrofitting the treatment system is crucial
as it allows us to assess the physical footprint of new equipment or modifications. Space limitations can significantly impact the selection of treatment technologies, the layout of treatment units, and the overall design of the retrofit solution.

Automation and Control

Integrating automation and control systems into the treatment processes enhances monitoring and regulation effectiveness. This may include installing sensors and instrumentation for real-time monitoring of water quality parameters and implementing automated control algorithms to optimize process performance.

Compliance and Regulatory

Ensuring compliance with relevant environmental regulations and discharge
permits is paramount. This involves conducting comprehensive testing and validation to confirm that the retrofitted treatment system meets the required treatment standards.

Temporary Treatment

UCC understand budget, time, and resource constraints surrounding the continued operation of core processes and treatment infrastructure during unplanned events.
UCC short-term solutions include:
• Temporary treatment solutions
• Mobile equipment
• Process integration design
• Installation services
• Operational support

Support Services

UCC’s portfolio of technology and support services is designed to meet the rapidly changing needs of our customers through system optimization and equipment reliability. We deliver streamlined solutions backed by extensive knowledge and experience. UCC’s global service and support team is strategically
placed to meet the increasing demands of our worldwide customers.

Technical Field Service

Our Field Service Engineers are available to assist with installation, commissioning, start-up, preventative maintenance, and parts inventory
management throughout the system’s service life. Our team has intimate knowledge of material handling, sorbent injection, and wastewater treatment systems and processes to help minimize downtime and reduce equipment failures.

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Lab Testing and Analysis

UCC has robust lab capabilities that are instrumental in characterization and treatability efforts to ensure our proposed solution meets the true needs of the customer.

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Silo Services

UCC works hand in hand with the most reputable silo service partners to provide full-service solutions for concrete, welded steel, and bolted steel silos to customers throughout the life of their storage and unloading system.

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Control Upgrades and Integration

UCC’s robust control upgrade and integration services make it easy for plants to extend the life of process systems while increasing visibility, efficiency, and reliability. Our expert engineers design, program, integrate and retrofit control
systems for UCC and non-UCC systems specific to the plant’s needs.

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Electrical Power Distribution Design/Supply

UCC’s suite of electrical services provides continuity and management over the project’s power design and controls phase. From system analysis and multidisciplinary contractor coordination to electrical upgrades, integration,
troubleshooting, and start-up, UCC will design a system specific to the unique requirements of our mining, utility, and industrial customers.

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Pipe Support Engineering

UCC prepares pipe support designs for both conveyor and non-conveyor systems. Our capabilities include customized load calculation tools, stress analysis of non-conveyor piping systems, variable pipe support design options,
and 3D modeling.

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Product Development and Optimization

Requirements for product designs, redesigns, or reverse engineering can stem from issues such as obsolete parts, mechanical or performance failures, regulation changes, long production schedules, or inefficient spare parts availability in mission-critical applications. UCC’s turnkey Product Development, Redesign, and Reverse Engineering services mitigate these potential risks by providing high-quality, reliable products. Our turnkey workflow includes performance analysis, precision inspection, troubleshooting, product concepts, modifications, designs, and reproduction for critical parts and components.

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