Solids Handling – Mining

Solids Handling for Mining

With over a century of experience, UCC has earned a reputation of being a global leader in designing, engineering, and installing reliable pneumatic, mechanical, and hydraulic material handling systems. Our expertise in understanding the impact of chemical composition and physical characteristics of material particles on conveying performance sets us apart from other suppliers.

Each site has unique design considerations, including regulatory requirements, operational needs, extreme weather conditions, or remote locations. At UCC, we take into account these specific factors and design customized systems that ensure optimal performance and reliability for each facility.




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Specialized Material Handling
UCC offers a robust portfolio of solids-handling solutions to address facility-specific needs. Our material handling technologies include pneumatic, mechanical, vibratory, and hydraulic systems designed to address the most challenging conveying operations. We use a technology-agnostic approach to find the right solution for our customers. With more than a century of experience engineering some of the most complex conveyor systems within heavy industrial applications, coupled with significant reference lists, our customers benefit from increased efficiency, safer operations, less wear, and longer service life.
• Conveyor transfer points
• Loading and discharge points


Hydraulic Conveying
UCC offers traditional sluicing, closed-loop recirculation, and continuous dewatering and recirculation systems. Our earned reputation for solving the most challenging wear issues affecting critical components (slurry pumps, pipe, valves, etc.) in hydraulic systems and our advanced system automation capabilities differentiate us from other


Pneumatic Conveying
UCC has the broadest portfolio of pneumatic conveying technology and systems to deliver the right solution and optimal performance for your site. Our technology-agnostic approach provides flexibility to choose the right solution for your needs.

Our pneumatic systems include:
• Vacuum
• Dilute pressure
• Vacuum/pressure
• Dry systems


High-Density Slurry Conveying
With numerous high-density slurry system installations and global operating references, UCC has an extensive understanding of high-density conveying and the considerations around selecting the proper conveyance system. Each UCC High-Density Slurry System (HDSS) is explicitly designed to accommodate the specific process requirements of the site and is ideal for ash or tailings applications.

The UCC HDSS is a cost-effective and flexible solution engineered to optimize the transport of conditioned slurry to its final disposal point. This system offers environmental,
operational, and economic benefits, including:
• Low water usage
• Long-distance conveying
• Reduced power consumption