Outage Washwater Treatment

outage wash wastewater treatment at ucc

UCC Environmental’s Outage Wash Wastewater Treatment (WWT) solutions represent a significant technical advancement in meeting compliance regulations by combining the benefits of an existing bottom ash dewatering system with UCC Environmental’s proven WWT technology.

Our permanent, mobile, and temporary treatment solutions have successfully demonstrated that existing bottom ash dewatering systems can regulate water volumes and maintain effluent compliance requirements during an outage wash. Augmenting existing bottom ash dewatering systems with chemical feed skids and sludge dewatering systems allows the bottom ash dewatering system to operate as a physical/chemical water treatment system.

On-site Outage Wash WWT demonstration testing is used to validate the plant’s compliance strategy and to optimize the reduction of suspended solids, removal of targeted heavy metals, and pH control for utility and industrial wash water treatment. During testing, modifications can be made to devise a meaningful, customized plan to effectively meet compliance. UCC Environmental’s Outage Wash demonstrations are a cost-effective solution designed to accommodate the specific process requirements of the plant. Contact us to avail our solutions! 

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• Outage Wash Wastewater Treatment Demonstrations

• Outage Wash Wastewater Treatment Permanent Retrofits

• Temporary/Mobile Solutions

• UCC Proprietary Chemicals

• Turnkey solutions with optional operations and maintenance support


Areas of Application

• Utility Plants

• Steam Plants

• Heavy Industrial Facilities

• Pulp and Paper Mills

• Steel Mills

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