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The UCC Environmental (UCC) Mobile Clarifier is specifically designed for pretreatment associated with water and wastewater processes in power generation, mining, metals, cement, dredging, construction, excavation, and other industrial applications. This wastewater clarifier is engineered for easy transport, installation, and setup and operation on-site. The UCC Mobile Clarifier removes settled and suspended particulate and oils from produced water, stormwater, surface water, wastewater, and other process liquids to a suitable level before discharge or recirculation, depending on permit requirements. The Mobile Clarifier is a cost-effective solution that can be used for pilot programs to test performance in specific applications and is available for temporary, short- or long-term water and wastewater treatment needs.

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• Tank Capacity: ~16,450 Gallons

• Nominal Effective Settling Area: Up to 1,300 ft²

• Actual Settling Area: Up to 2,600 ft²

• Separator Plate Material: Thermoplastic

• Tank Coating: Chloride Resistant Coating

• Still water channels to prevent re-entrainment


  • Flexible Integrated Wastewater Treatment Solution
    • Modular or stand-alone unit for solids separation, oil removal, and waste stream clarification
    • Rapid response, on-demand WWT units to protect critical assets during emergencies or temporary disruptive events
    • Short-/long-term solutions for planned maintenance, outages, and process upgrades
    • Field-scale demonstration pilots and performance testing


  • Highly Effective Treatment
    • Large settling surface area to effectively reduce Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
    • Removal of floating and settled contaminants in one clarification step
    • Co-current cross-flow principle
    • Still water channels for a quiescent zone to prevent re‑entrainment


  • Optimized Design
    • Road legal (no permit required) design
    • Integrated stair access to platform for easy treatment viewing
    • Integral safety tie-off point for fall protection


  • Optional Characterization and Treatability Analysis and Execution Services Support


•   System bypass treatment
•   Temporary treatment
•   TSS reduction
•   Heavy metals precipitation
•   Primary and secondary clarification
•   Oil/Water separation
•   Dredging operations support
•   Stormwater, leachate, and groundwater treatment

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