Crusher Rebuild and Exchange Programs

Crusher Rebuild –

The UCC Environmental Crusher Rebuild andExchange Program is designed to save our customers money by extending the life of each crusher. UCC Environmental can rebuild worn-out clinker grinders at a fraction of the cost of a new replacement. Our goal is to restore the clinker grinder to its original operating condition and deliver a new, full warranty.

Typical rebuilds are turned around within 4­–6 weeks after the crusher is received at UCC Environmental. Before the rebuild, UCC Environmental will tear down the crusher, inspect and provide a full rebuild quote, including costs for all parts needed to complete the rebuild, any labor costs, and necessary repairs. The customer can then decide to rebuild, purchase new, or opt out.

Crusher Exchange –

The UCC Environmental Crusher Exchange Program combines the benefits of the crusher rebuild program with the flexibility of having a backup crusher(s) in stock and ready when needed. In this program, the customer sends UCC Environmental a used crusher for rebuild, which is torn down and inspected, and a condition report is issued for customer review. After approval, the crusher is rebuilt and stored with a customer-specific part number that reserves the crusher only for this customer. Exchange crushers can be shipped to the site before outages begin and existing crushers are taken out of service. In a forced outage or emergency, the exchange crusher can be shipped immediately from inventory. This program has been designed around the specific needs of each plant and delivers cost savings and flexibility.


• Parts Replacement

• Packing

• Shaft Sleeves

• Wear Rings

• O-Rings

• Bearings

• High-Chrome Castings

• Connecting Hardware

• Disassemble and Clean

• Dimensionally Inspect

• Bearing Support

• Housings

• Covers

• Metal Seals

• Shaft and Roll Assemblies

Areas of Application

• Utility Plants

• Steam Plants

• Heavy Industrial Facilities

• Pulp and Paper Mills

• Steel Mills

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