BioMass Ash Handling and Fuel Handling

Biomass - Ash & Fuel Handling


Biomass is a viable source of renewable energy that can reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas and other emissions in coal-fired boilers. As environmental sustainability increases in coal-fueled energy generation, more plants are implementing solutions to meet mandated or enforceable renewable portfolio standards (RPS).

UCC Environmental has decades of experience and over 100+ installations in wood-fired boiler applications.  As a leader in material handling and environmental control technologies, our technical expertise provides robust engineered and integrated solutions to meet the unique needs of our Customers while providing the highest level of system reliability.


• UCC has a comprehensive understanding of how inert gas purging decreases oxygen in the silo to minimize the chance of deflagration.

• UCC silos are designed with explosion relief construction or blowout panels to minimize damage should an ignition occur causing high internal pressures within the silo.

• UCC has vast experience in providing reliable pneumatic and mechanical conveying systems of biomass ash

• UCC offers fuel receiving and conveying systems designed to handle a variety of biomass materials, from wood chips, pellets, shavings, and bark, to waste, grains and grain products

• UCC biomass receiving systems can be designed to accept material from tipper trucks, walking floor trailers or rail cars, using an above grade or below ground intake hopper / feeder

• UCC biomass conveying systems are designed using a variety of equipment, including pneumatic conveyors, drag chain conveyors, belt conveyors, pan conveyors, screw conveyors, and bucket elevators

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