Water Sampling


UCC Environmental (UCC) portable automatic samplers offer maximum accuracy for applications requiring continuous or intermittent water sampling, stormwater runoff sampling, pretreatment, or any unmanned sampling needs. Our automatic samples offer flexible programming capabilities to meet site-specific needs.

UCC automatic samplers are used for:

Engineering Studies

• Low-Volume Wastewater Treatment System

Sample collection for influent water chemistry from multiple sources

Paired with flow sensor to trigger sampling and measure flow rate

Multiple samplers can capture samples from individual discharge pipes to an effluent channel

Supports continuous and intermittent flow

This was a major obstacle for a previous WWT company to capture a complete set of samples for design


Non-chemical washes during plant outages

• Sample collection for influent/effluent reporting


Closed-loop recirculation systems

• Sample collection for solids loading profiling

• Sample collection for chemical treatment system tuning/optimization


Cooling tower blowdown treatment/reduction

• Sample collection for constituent analysis


Pond Dredging

• Sample collection for effluent reporting


Stormwater Design

• Samplers are automatically activated when a during weather events



• Sample collection for effluent reporting

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