Complete WWT Strategy

Complete WWT Strategy


UCC Environmental provides sustainable wastewater treatment solutions for Coal-fired Power Plants that are designed to meet ELG/CCR compliance and plant-specific discharge requirements. Our capabilities provide best-in-class project management & system integration engineering, proven wastewater treatment process design, high-performance OEM equipment, and post-commissioning services and support. Our comprehensive portfolio of system and product offerings are backed by an extensive list of successfully operating systems and a century of serving steam electric power and industrial installations.

The Value of Working with the UCC Wastewater Treatment Team

  • Holistic WWT Regulations Solutions with Industry-Leading Performance Guarantees
  • Proven WWT Expertise and Wastewater Treatment Technologies
  • Utility-Recognized Project Execution Approach with Turnkey Capabilities
  • Site-Specific Engineered Solutions with Successful Operating References
  • Established Customer Commercial Agreements
  • Equipment plus Chemistry Offering Optimizing Performance and O&M Costs
  • Operational Flexibility and Streamlined System Integration
  • Best-in-Class Post-Commissioning Support (Plant Operations Transition, Field Service, Parts, and O&M Services)
  • Multiple Heavy Metal Treatment Options
  • Intimate Knowledge of Utility DCS/PLC Controls Integration
  • Extensive Fleet of Mobile/Modular Wastewater Treatment Equipment

UCC Environmental Advantage

Wastewater management is unique to each site.  With over 100 years of CCR expertise, UCC understands the multiple factors influencing flow rate, CCR composition, and particle size distribution, as well as pH and heavy metal contaminants.  With any process solution, Wastewater Treatment requirements will continually vary with process input changes, requiring a predictable and agile solution. With a comprehensive understanding of upstream processes, contaminant behaviors, wastewater chemistry, and treatment technologies – UCC provides flexible technical solutions to meet these changing demands. Our team is ready to provide a customized solution for your wastewater treatment needs, from process design, technology selection, balance of plant integration, installation, to operation and maintenance. Our WWT team will assess current conditions to identify the contaminant profile, define a scope and sampling plan, analyze for constituents and develop a customized treatment solution specific to your plant needs.

“UCC is very easy to work with.  They get us what we want when we need it.”
– Power Generation Supervisor, Western Utility