Low Volume Wastewater Treatment – Mining

Dewatering Bin capabilities

UCC Environmental takes a wholistic approach to solve your toughest wastewater challenges.  We evaluate your mine operations to ensure reliable, repeatable treatment system performance over a wide array of operating conditions specific to your facility. This allows us to reduce equipment complexity, maximize equipment availability, and ensure operational excellence through a detailed evaluation of your systems and sub-systems that significantly impact overall low-volume wastewater treatment system design for full compliance.

At UCC Environmental, we take a holistic approach to address even the most challenging wastewater issues. We begin by evaluating your mine operations to guarantee the reliable and repeatable performance of your treatment system under all operating conditions specific to your facility. This comprehensive assessment of your system and sub-systems enables us to streamline equipment complexity, optimize equipment availability, and ensure operational excellence in the overall design of your low-volume wastewater treatment system. Our ultimate goal is to help you maintain full compliance while providing sustainable and effective wastewater solutions.

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At UCC Environmental, we understand that wastewater treatment requirements can evolve throughout the lifetime of your facility, necessitating a flexible and reliable solution to ensure continuous compliance and prevent non-compliance incidents. With our deep understanding of contaminant behaviors, wastewater chemistry, and treatment technologies, we offer technical solutions that can effectively meet these changing demands, providing peace of mind for our customers and the communities they serve.

UCC Environmental is committed to ensuring the water from your process is properly accounted for throughout a range of operational and environmental conditionsOur expertise in system design, process chemistry, plant integration, and operational excellence ensures that your site’s water balance is thoroughly evaluated, including options for reduction and optimization, before proposing a treatment recommendation.

Our team is prepared to work closely with you to develop a tailored solution for your low-volume waste treatment needs. Whether you are in the initial stages of exploring treatment options or seeking to enhance the performance of your existing physical or chemical treatment system to meet upcoming regulatory requirements, we offer a comprehensive range of engineering services. These services include treatability testing, process design, technology selection, operation and maintenance, and advanced treatment solutions to effectively treat even the most complex waste streams.


• Low Volume Wastewater Treatment Systems – Permanent and Mobile Solutions

• Low Low-volume waste Byproduct Handling and Dewatering

• Industrial Washwater Treatment Systems – Permanent and Rental Solutions

• Industrial Washwater Byproduct Handling and Dewatering Systems

• Byproduct Classification and Beneficial Use Guidance

• Physical/Chemical Treatment System Optimization

• Water Balance Optimization/Water Re-Use

• Stormwater Management


• Proven Low Volume Wastewater Treatment Technologies

• Operational Flexibility and Streamlined System Integration

• Reduced Capital and Operating & Maintenance Costs

• Operation and Maintenance Services Available

• Remote Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities

• NPDES Program Compliance Support

• Operation and Maintenance Services Available

• Remote Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities

• Successful Reference Installations

• Turnkey Project Delivery Options