UCC Connections are used to mechanically fasten all pipes, fittings, and valves in UCC conveying systems. From DURITE® to NUVALOY Piping. Our connections are designed to perfectly mate with UCC gaskets and come individually kitted for quick and easy installation.

Connections United Conveyor

NUVALOY™ Connections

NUVALOY™ Pipe Connections feature locking or non-locking flange clamps that fit over the end of the plain end pipe. The locking type clamp is held securely to the Nuvaloy pipe with a locking cross bolt. Wedge-shaped gaskets are used to seal the connection and are available for both low and high-temperature applications.

DURITE Connection

DURITE® Connections

DURITE® Connections use a 2- or 3-piece split flange clamp depending on pipe size to secure the bevel ends of DURITE pipe and fittings. A steel reinforced silicone ring gasket provides optimal sealing against the cast iron flanges.

SPARTAN Connection

SPARTAN™ Connections

SPARTAN™ Connections utilize the integrated lug found on each SPARTAN fitting and a locking flange clamp to ensure a secure connection. This unique clamp and lug configuration eliminate the need for pipe supports around the SPARTAN fitting.


DUR-ROK™ Connections

DUR-ROK™ Connections are available to fasten both fixed and rotating flanges and uses a canvas reinforced neoprene gasket specifically designed to seal against basalt lined pipe.

ANSI Connections

ANSI Connections

UCC has a wide variety of connection kits for connecting to standard ANSI class flanges, including connections with UCC’s NUVALOY, DURITE, SPARTAN, DURA-CORE II, and DURALOY pipe and fittings.