Hopper Isolation Gate


The UCC Hopper Isolation Gate is designed for hopper and vessel isolation as well as mill pyrites isolation applications. This rugged valve utilizes optimized blade guides and a rounded blade for improved performance and extended wear life of the valve. Our valve shipped fully assembled to minimize field assembly and installation costs.


    •   The Hopper Isolation Gate uses optimized blade guides integrated into the body to help support and align the blade, assuring gate operation in columns of material.
    •   UCC’s crowned packing gland design maintains uniform pressure across the packing, ensuring a tight seal on the blade.
    •   The rounded blade design prevents the blade from cutting into the packing, prolonging the life of the packing.


    •   Valve sizes: 8” and 12”
    •   Valve connection: ANSI Class 150 or PN10
    •   Operating pressure: 150psi
    •   Operating temperature: 850F
    •   Accessories
      •  Air cylinder, handwheel, or chainwheel
      •  Solenoid
      •  Limit switches
      •  Lockout kit
      •  Pre-piped and wired junction box

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