40D Heated Knife Gate Valve



The UCC Environmental 40DH Knifegate Valve is designed specifically for on/off pipeline isolation service in pneumatic conveying applications of ash exposed to dry scrubbers and dry sorbent injection systems. The 40DH utilizes UCC’s proven 40D knife gate technology with a heated blade to help prevent material buildup. This helps improve the life of the packing, blade, and body in these extreme applications


    •  The heated blade prevents material build-up which improves packing seal performance and life.
    •  UCC’s spring-loaded packing gland design maintains seal pressure during operating and prevents leaks, minimizing maintenance and extending the life of the blade and packing.
    •  The 40DH has three different configurations utilizing a replaceable dual seat, flow cone, or wear liner to increase the valve wear life and allow for economical rebuilds.



    •  Valve sizes: 4” – 14”
    • Valve connection: ANSI Class 150
    •  Operating pressure: 40psi
    •  Operating temperature: 400F
    •  Dual seat crossover, wear liner branch line, or flow cone branch line configurations
    •  Accessories
      •  Air cylinder, handwheel, chainwheel, or motor operator
      •  Solenoid
      •  Limit switches
      •  Purge air kit
      •  Lockout kit
      •  Guard
      •  Pre-piped and wired junction box

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