Sheardisk Valve

Sheardisk UCC


UCC’s Sheardisk valves are designed for on/off service in venting and discharge high-pressure pneumatic conveying applications. The unique linkage design and self-lapping technology help extend the wear life of the valve by distributing wear evenly across the entire disc. The sheardisk valve can ship fully assembled with pre-piped and wired solenoid and limit switches to reduce field installation costs.


    •   Our unique linkage design and self-lapping technology extends the wear life of the disk by rotating the disk each open/close cycle, allowing the disc to wear evenly across the whole surface.
    •   The optional pressurizing kit allows for the use of instrument air to pressurize the valve to minimize material buildup and improve sealing.
    •   The low-profile disc and high torque provided by the air cylinder operator allow for the valve to close through a packed column of ash.


    •   Valve sizes: 3” to 12”
    •   Operating pressure: 100psi
    •   Operating temperature: 300F
    •   Accessories
      •   Solenoid
      •   Limit switches
      •   Pressurizing kit
      •   Lockout kit
      •   Guard

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