The UCC Model 460 EXCEN-CRUSHER® is engineered for both wet and dry abrasive material size reduction applications, offering superior performance and high-level reliability. With decades of proven experience, UCC EXCEN-CRUSHERS effectively reduce material size, providing higher efficiency in pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical systems.


With thousands of units in service, UCC EXCEN-CRUSHERS are the industry standard for utility and industrial power plants across the world. Through continuous design improvement, the UCC EXCEN-CRUSHER offers efficient operation, superior sealing and longer service life.


  • Inlet Opening: 457 mm x 457 mm
  • Discharge Opening: 457 mm x 302 mm
  • Flange-to-Flange Height: 381 mm
  • Body Material: Primed Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Shaft Material: Stainless Steel
  • Cam Support Material: Primed Carbon Steel (standard) or Stainless Steel (optional)
  • Cam Material: Flame Spayed Ductile Iron (standard) or Durite H (optional)
  • Anvil and Combing Plate Material: Durite H (standard)
  • Drive Requirements: 2.2 kW
  • Max Internal Temperature: 649 deg C (dry)
  • Max Internal Pressure: 1.38 Bar
  • Capacity (approx.): <1 to 15 MTPH (dependent on material type and size)

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