DURALOY™ Fittings

DURALOY Fittings United Conveyor


DURALOY Fittings provide extended service life in severe material handling applications where high levels of abrasion and/or impact occur. DURALOY fittings are welded using a unique welding technique which creates a layer with uniform hardness inside a carbon steel casing. Various weld overlay grades are available to handle a variety of applications.


  •   Fitting Type:
    •   Standard Elbows
      •   Pipe size: 4” to 12”
      •   Available in 30°, 45°, and 90°
      •   Beveled ends
    •   Standard Laterals
      •   Pipe size: 6” to 14”
      •   Available in 30°, 45°, and 60°
      •   Class 150 ANSI flanges
    •   Custom Fittings
      •   DURALOY fittings can also be made in any custom configuration or size from 3” to 24” to suit your specific needs.
    •   Nominal Hardness: 55 to 68 HRC depending on grade of weld overlay

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