Pin-Paddle Mixer Unloader

Pin Paddle Mixer Unloader


UCC Pin-Paddle Mixer/Unloaders in silo unloading applications, have been designed for the conditioning of high-calcium ash such as Powder River Basin (PRB) coal ash, and Dry Scrubber ash, thus reducing the cement-like buildup in the unloader. Frequent and intensive maintenance caused by buildup is eliminated between each load. This reduces power consumption and increases unloader throughput capacity.

Features & Benefits

  • Low maintenance drive train achieves a ton-per-hour and volumetric capacity as high as competitive models equipped with more expensive 70-plus horsepower motors.
  • Uniform power distribution while maintain a smooth, constant output speed.
  • Even power distributed between paddles minimizing stress and deflection.
  • Slow rotating shafts minimizing paddle wear.
  • Incoming ah is moistened while still airborne, allowing for complete and uniform wetting ensuring properly conditioned ash and preventing air pollution during unloading and transport.
  • 20% less water consumption compared to other manufactures resulting in cost savings
  • Adjustable volumetric capacity providing multiple sweep diameters and volumetric capacity ranges
  • Self-adjusting, packing-type shaft seals eliminate the need to tighten packing glands manually
  • Packing gland mounted on flexible diaphragm resulting in a dust-tight seal and longer packing life
  • Easy access for inspection, repair or replacement of mixing paddles, spray nozzles and shaft seals