Corrosion Resistant Mixer/Unloader



The UCC Corrosion-Resistant Mixer/Unloader has a completely enclosed chamber to ensure clean operation. Two counter-rotating shafts with standard UCC DURITE® H removable paddles made of 600 BHN abrasion-resistant cast iron, provide superior mixing and dust control. The replaceable paddles and accessible drivetrain allow for easy maintenance.


Efficient, low maintenance drivetrain achieves required capacities while minimizing the required power consumption.

Fast, counter-rotating shafts and pins create turbulent mixing while lifting the material optimal wetting and mixing

High penetration nozzles are located at the highest point of the cover to prevent plugging and are independently controlled to ensure precise water distribution while the nozzle pattern provides a uniform distribution of water for a homogeneous mix and functional dust suppression.

Patent-pending cleaning chains reduce buildup on the pins and paddles during operation

Patented floating shaft seal arrangement compensates for shaft defections while the self-adjusting, dust-tight seal eliminates the need to manually tighten packing glands, which extends the wear life of the packing.


  • Paddle Material:  DURITE H
  • Pin Cover Material:  UHMW-PE
  • Pin Cap Material:  DURITE H
  • Body Material:  Epoxy Painted Carbon Steel with HDPE Lining
  • Shaft Material:  Hastelloy
  • Nozzle Material:  Teflon

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