Filter Separators

Filter Separators United Conveyor


UCC Filter/Separators are designed as all-in-one units that provide high separation efficiency in abrasive material handling systems to meet stringent emissions requirements.


  •   UCC Filter/Separator vessel and component selections are specifically engineered to each application.
  •   Walk-in plenum with top bag removal allows convenient access for routine maintenance.
  •   Integral instrumentation and control panel reduce equipment cost and provides a single point for system integration.
  •   Pre-piped and pre-wired assembly option available to simplify field erection and reduce installation cost.
  •   Pulse-on-demand feature automates the cleaning operations to extend filter bag life.
  •   Dump-on-demand feature optimizes the transfer hopper operation, reducing gate wear and increases capacity and reliability.


  •   Vessel housing:
    •   Constructed from 1/4” steel plate
    •   Specialized interior coating protects against corrosion
  •   Discharge arrangement:
    •   Transfer hopper: Allows continuous operation of the Filter/Separator while emptying into the silo.
    •   NUVA FEEDER vessels: Direct integration with a pressure conveying system is available.
    •   Custom arrangements available.
  •   Vessel shape:
    •   Chisel Bottom Vessel: Preferred in most vacuum/pressure transfer systems where two outlets are required.
    •   Concentric Cone Vessel: Preferred for vacuum to silo configurations that require a single outlet.

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