TITAN LP Swing Disc Valve



The UCC TITAN LP Swing Disc Valve is designed for low headroom, fly ash feed service in dilute phase, positive pressure systems. The Titan LP Swing Disc Valve provides improved sealing performance, longer service life, greater reliability, and less maintenance than slide gate valves found in non-UCC systems.


    •   Utilizes UCC’s proven self-adjusting, spring-mounted ball pivot swing disc to provide reliable sealing with superior material for better wear resistance.
    •   Swing disc valve provides greater seating force than slide gate style, ensuring that the valve remains sealed.



    • Inlet size: 8” ANSI 150#
    • Outlet connection: Customer configuration to match existing slide gate valves
    • Max operating temperature: 750° F
    • Max operating pressure: 15 psig
    • Available Accessories
      •  Solenoid
      •  Limit switch
      •  Guard
      •  Height adapter

Case Study:

Plant Challenge:

A Midwestern power plant had deck plate valves wearing excessively which interfered with the proper seating of the valves in their bottom ash vacuum system.  This forced the customer to devise an alternative solution which vacuum trucks were used to manually remove ash from the hoppers.  This was labor intensive and expensive.

UCC Solution:

The customer approached UCC for a solution that would reduce labor and increase system performance. UCC installed (48) TITAN LP Valves as a replacement for the failing deck plate valves.


After one year in operation, the UCC TITAN LP Valves were excellent condition. Due to their superior wear properties, the Customer replaced all 192 (96 pressurizing and 96 equaling) non-UCC deck plate valves with the UCC TITAN LP Valves.

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