The UCC TIGER Valve is a superior replacement to competitor lateral feed slide gate, such as the A-S-H Type “C” and Type “E” valves, and swing disc valves in lateral feed vacuum system applications, such as the ASHandler valve. Our proven swing disc technology offers extended service life and ease of maintenance.


    •  The TIGER Valve utilizes UCC’s proven self-adjusting, spring-mounted ball pivot swing disc to provide reliable sealing with superior material for better wear resistance.
    •  Our swing disc technology provides 10x the closing force compared to competitor slide gate valves, ensuring a reliable seal.
    •  Valve includes a ceramic wear liner to increase the wear life of the valve


    •  Valve inlet sizes: 8” & 12”
    •  Valve outlet size: 6”, with optional insert to accommodate 4” and 5” line sizes
    •  Operating temperature: 750° F
    •  Accessories
      •  Solenoid
      •  Limit switches
      •  Guard
      •  Conveying line reducer inserts to fit multiple line sizes

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