Jetpulsion Pumps

Jet pulsion Pump United Conveyor


UCC Environmental’s JETPULSION® pump is a venturi-type devise that utilized a high pressure water supply to create a high velocity water jet.

Fluid at the suction inlet is entrained by the jet and carried into the combining tube. This lowers the pressure in the body section and causes more fluid to enter from the suction inlet. The velocity of the jet (with the entrained fluid) decreases in the combining tube with a corresponding increase in pressure. The mixing and momentum change occurs in the throat section of the combining tube.

The diffuser section connects the small diameter throat with the larger diameter discharge line and contributes to the conversion of velocity energy to pressure energy. Pressure produced at the discharge end of the combining tube is used to pump the material through the discharge line.

Features & Benefits

  • Self-regulating. Discharge head directly regulates the amount of material conveyed
  • Self clearing – High loading of the discharge line naturally limits the flow of material into the pump until the nozzle supply water successfully clears the line.
  • Three key component assembly: Nozzle, Body and Combining Tube
  • Minimal maintenance and ease of repair or replacement
  • Handles air without any harmful effects
  • Simplified and cost-effective design comprised of three key components; nozzle, body and combining tube
  • Available for fast delivery