DFC Components

DFC-Components United Conveyor


UCC Environmental Dry Flight Conveyor (DFC) is a chain and flight conveyor that transports dry abrasive material through an enclosed conveyor trough. The motor driven chain moves continuously through the length of the trough, moving the conveyed materials. Our heavy duty modular construction allows for design flexibility to meet individual application needs. With over 100 systems installed worldwide, typical applications include economizer, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and fluidized bed boilers (FBB) ash.

Components are designed for long service life and high reliability. Bar and pin style chain with welded flights reduces failure points and provides high strength and durability. Chain drive sprockets have individual induction hardened segments that are replaceable without removing the sprocket hub from the shaft or conveyor body. Heavy duty bearings are mounted outside of the material trough for reliable operation and easy maintenance.

Features & Benefits

  • Variable Frequency Drive – A direct driven, VFD controlled drive system provides a strong, efficient drive that continuously protects the conveyor against stalls and the damage that could result. Variable speed capability allows fine-tuned control to provide operating life.
  • Quality abrasion resistant components throughout provide a long, trouble-free operating life.
  • Normal maintenance consists of lubrication and inspection of the wear components. No specialized maintenance required.