INFINITY Striking Plate

Striking Plate United Conveyor


Designed as a direct replacement for competitor rotary cage mills, UCC’s INFINITY Striking Plates are made with UCC’s proprietary DURITE white cast iron. UCC’s DURITE material offer superior abrasion and impact resistance compared to competitor materials, as well as superior corrosion resistance.”



    •   Material: UCC DURITE E or DURITE H proprietary white cast iron

Case Study

Superior Replacement for OEM Bars Used in Non-UCC Systems

A coal-fired plant was experiencing significant wear and damage to their OEM bars in their coal crusher mill. The bars typically lasted only two weeks, causing a substantial increase in repair, installation, and labor expenses. The OEM supplier required the plant to purchase a year’s supply of bars, making it difficult for them due to minimal storage space. The constant repair and replacement of the OEM bars, coupled with storage space restrictions, caused the plant to reach out to UCC for an alternative resolution. Request the case study to uncover UCC’s solution.

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