DURITE® Fittings

DURITE Fittings


DURITE® fittings are the primary used in all pneumatic and hydraulic systems conveying abrasive materials. The material properties and thick walls of DURITE Fittings give them excellent wear characteristics minimizing abrasion and impact failures.


  •   Pipe size: 2-1/2”-14”
  •   Fitting Type:
    •   Elbows
      •   Bends available from 11-1/4° to 90°
    •   Laterals
      •   Various sizes and configurations available
    •   Tees
      •   Standard Tees
      •   Tangential Drain Tees
      •   Reducing Tees
      •   Crosses
    •   Reducers
    •   Hand Holes
  •   Replaceable wear-back fittings available
  •   Flange type
    •   Bevel
    •   Square
  •   Hardness:
    •   DURITE C: Minimum 400 BHN
    •   DURITE H: Minimum 600 BHN

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