Primary/Secondary Separators

Primary Secondary Separator Equipment


The combination primary and secondary separators provide mechanical separation of ash from a vacuum conveying air stream through a combination of impact, centrifugal, and velocity change methods. These separators remove material from the conveying stream by increasing the cross-sectional area of the stream when introducing the material to the separator on a tangentially circulation path.

The primary separator removes up to 85% of the material from the conveying stream and the secondary separator removes up to 90% of the remaining material.


  •   Optional Basalt or weld overlay lining for increased vessel wear life
  •   Ability to handle higher temperature applications and burning embers compared to filter/separator assemblies
  •   Simple, low-cost operation with no filter bags


  •   Construction materials: UCC DURITE white cast iron, AR steel, carbon steel
  •   Optional Basalt or weld overlay lined sections
  •   Modular construction allows for easy replacement of worn components

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