SFC Components

SFC Flights 2


Heavy-Duty flights are constructed of rectangular steel tubing to prevent permanent deflection.

Welded wear strips of varying grades extend the service life of the flights and allow for cost-effective rebuilding rather than replacement.

Forged and case-hardened flight attachments provide superior wear resistance and allow the flights to be placed at any point along the chain, simplifying replacement and eliminating the need for numerous short sections of the chain.

SFC Chain


UCC carries one of the largest inventories of chains for use in SFCs in North America.



UCC’s proprietary DURITE® H wheels and covers provide extended service life over traditional steel wheels.

The patented Rotation Sensor provides a reliable method for indicating whether an idler is rotating. This mechanical system is reliable and provides a visual indication for the operators and an option for electronic indication.

SFC Sprockets


UCC Sprockets are designed with individual tooth replacements for easy and cost-effective maintenance.

Shim kits are available to adjust the sprocket teeth pitch to match the elongation of the chain to ensure smooth and safe operation of the chain.

SFC Drive Component


UCC can supply various hydraulic drive and gearbox options for your UCC SFC or non-UCC submerged scraper conveyor.

Wear Plate


UCC can supply varying grades of wear resistant through hardened and weld overlay wear plate to suit the application and maintenance needs.

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