SFC Components

SFC-Chain Components


A submerged flight conveyor (SFC) is used to remove ash from pulverized coal-fired (PC) boilers, wet bottom (slagging) boilers, stoker-fed or traveling grate boilers, and incinerators. The SFC system consists of chain-mounted flight bars that continuously travel through a water impounded trough. With over 100 installations worldwide, the SFC system has proven to be the industry leader for performance and reliability. The SFC unit is often used when water is limited, or where high volume, continuous ash discharge is required.

Features & Benefits

  • Hydraulic Drive (HPU) design allows for total control of speed and torque to provide the best performance, reduced maintenance and quietest operation possible
  • Flight bars design incorporate heavy wall rectangular tubing to resist bending and provide reliable chain alignment.
  • (CHAIN) Utilizes high strength round link chain that is case hardened to ~700BHN for wear resistance and durability