TITAN HP Swing Disc Valve



The UCC Environmental TITAN™ HP swing disc valve is designed specifically for vessel isolation service in high pressure, dense phase pneumatic conveying applications. The TITAN HP valve utilizes proven UCC swing-disc technology and is a superior, drop-in replacement to rubber seat valves found in non-UCC systems.


   Utilizes UCC’s proven self-adjusting, spring-mounted ball pivot swing disc to provide reliable sealing with superior material for better wear resistance.

   Large access port for easy in-line inspection and repair


  Inlet connections: DN 200 and DN250, 8” ANSI 150#

  PED coded

  Max Temperature: 700° F

  Max Pressure: 116 psig

  Available Accessories

   Limit switches
   Guard kit
   Rotary vane or air cylinder operator
   Heated body

Case Study:

Plant Challenge:

A Southeast Asian Utility had dome valves failing monthly, which caused a significant increase in operation costs. The dome valves, installed in a trench with restricted access, made it difficult to maintain or repair. Once a month, the plant would have to build and dismantle scaffolding in the trench to install replacement seals for the dome valves.

UCC Solution:

UCC reached out to the plant with a solution to reduce maintenance and labor costs associated with the failing dome valves. UCC replaced [1] worn deck plate valve with a preassembled UCC TITAN HP Valve for a six-month, side-by-side performance test.


The UCC TITAN HP Valve proved to outperform the non-UCC dome valve, showing only minor wear after six months in operation. Due to its superior performance, the plant installed [3] additional TITAN HP valves that have now been in operation for more than four years needing only minimal maintenance. Today the customer has standardized the UCC TITAN HP Valve and orders exclusively from UCC.

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