DURA-CORE Fittings

DURA-CORE™ II Fittings

DURA-CORE™ II Fittings are ceramic lined with a carbon steel casing for severe wear in pneumatic systems.

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DURALOY™ Fittings

DURALOY™ Fittings are constructed from mild steel casings with an interior wear-resistant weld overlay for use in severe duty applications.

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DURITE Fittings

DURITE® Fittings

DURITE® is an abrasion-resistant chromium cast iron specifically formulated to maximize hardness.

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United Conveyor Corporation Fittings

NUMAFLEX™ Fittings

NUMAFLEX™ Fittings reduce material build-up and blockages in the pneumatic conveying of dry scrubber ash.

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SPARTAN Fittings

SPARTAN ™ Fittings

UCC SPARTAN™ Fittings have been designed as a superior drop-in replacement to Allen-Sherman-Hoff integral wear-back fittings for hydraulic and pneumatic abrasive material handling systems.

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