INFINITY Swing Hammer


Designed for primary or secondary reduction of materials, the INFINITY Swing Hammer incorporates hard facing technology that can be customized for each application’s specific needs. This also provides a more wear-resistant hammer compared to conventional steel and through-hardened steel versions, leading to longer service life and maximum crushing efficiency.”


    •   Sizes: 16 lb, 20 lb, 50 lb, 75 lb, or other custom sizes
    •   Base Material: Steel Alloy
    •   Weld Overlay Material: Multiple Material Options

Case Study

Superior Replacement for OEM Hammers Used in Non-UCC Systems

A US coal-fired power plant that burns waste coal and biomass experienced significant wear to their OEM coal crusher hammers due to the abrasive properties of waste (gob) coal material. The OEM hammers were wearing prematurely, averaging only 240,000 tons of throughput before requiring replacement. Their typical service life of six weeks resulted in high maintenance, installation, and labor expenses. The plant turned to UCC for a solution. Request the full case study to learn more.

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