Expansion Joints

UCC offers a wide array pipe expansion joints designed to absorb thermal expansion and contraction in common piping systems due to the heat transfer from materials and airflow conveyed. Pipeline expansion joints are also are designed to handle flue gas duct work and hopper movements.

NUVALOY Expansion Joint

NUVALOY™ Expansion Joints

NUVALOY expansion joints are used in pneumatic conveying systems and can connect to either NUVALOY pipe or ANSI Class 150 flanges.

  •   Pipe size: 4” to 14”
  •   Flange type: Plain end
DURITE Expansion Joint

DURITE® Expansion Joints

DURITE® Expansion Joints are designed to accommodate axial movement in pneumatic and sluice applications and has the same bevel flanges as UCC’s standard DURITE pipe and fittings.

  •   Pipe size: 4” to 12”
  •   Flange type: Bevel
United Conveyor Expansion Joints

Bellows Expansion Joints

UCC’s Bellows Expansion joints come with and integral cast iron inner sleeve to provide superior wear life in abrasive pneumatic conveying systems.

  •   Pipe size: 3” to 16”
  •   Flange type: Class 150 ANSI
Rubber Expansion Joint United Conveyor

Rubber Expansion Joints

UCC has multiple styles of rubber expansion joints available for use in both wet and dry applications with pressure ratings ranging from 25-490 PSIG.

  •   Pipe size: 2” to 18”
  •   Flange type: Class 150 ANSI

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